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  1. The error can also mean the poster's computer wasn't connected to the internet when he ran the decrypter.
  2. I don't think that the poster has 2 ID's. it looks like he truncated the ID from the PersonalID. txt file.
  3. What extension was added to your encrypted files?
  4. Did you run the Emsisoft decrypter? It would have told you.
  5. What is the extension added to your encrypted files?
  6. Recently. Run the Emsisoft decrypter on your files.
  7. What is the id? If your files were encrypted by an offline key, the Emsisoft decrypter will recover your files, WHEN/IF Emsisoft is able to recover the offline/private key. Suggest you run the decrypter on a test bed of encrypted files every week or so.
  8. The OP is probably using an earlier version of the Emsisoft decrypter - he needs to be on V That problem was corrected in an update.
  9. The offline ID for .msop is d8TwbCMGuw5Ei5PlymKj0pldFtsUYeGxci3YGlbt1 - .msop It is NOT the same as yours.
  10. Well, the ID you posted is the offline ID for this variant, and Emsisoft has recovered the offline/private key for .vawe. So, if you ran the decrypter on all of your files and none were decrypted, (you got the 'decryption is impossible' message), all were encrypted by an online key, and the decrypter cannot help you.
  11. The link is: https://www.emsisoft.com/ransomware-decryption-tools/stop-djvu The latest version is You don't have to download a new decrypter every time - it very seldom changes. The information about the offline keys is stored in the Emsisoft server, not in the decrypter.
  12. There should be no danger. You have to be connected to the internet for the decrypter to do it's job. It has to contact the Emsisoft server which has the offline keys in its database.
  13. Run it now. The offline key for the .covm variant has been recovered by Emsisoft.
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