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  1. can you tell me conditions for this file type? because i have many TXT files which have important information inside.
  2. Hi sir! I have some .txt files with original files but size 48 KBs only...... Can you try to Decrypt that file type??? I've attached that files with current reply.... Waiting for your response ProjectIGIImgoingin-pccheat.txt ProjectIGIImgoingin-pccheat.txt.access
  3. Thanks @GT500 and @Demonslay335 . My .mkv files are decrypted now....
  4. Hi Sir! I've Uploaded a sample of that file with Original file on my google drive. Here is a downloadable link of that file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qHUcGjkf_nJnHj4MhUjQyiPCgFh_LZS1 All files added in this zip file. You can download it. Hope you'll decrypt that file Best of luck
  5. i have some files that are very large to upload! can you help me here?
  6. This is a file pair of (.txt file) but it is less then 150kb to upload.... GrandTheftAuto3-pccheat.txt.access GrandTheftAuto3-pccheat.txt
  7. Sir! The Problem is that i don't have much file pairs for each extension. can i decrypt all my data without uploading file pairs? Help Please!!!!!
  8. Sir! My files was encrypted on 29th July 2019. It Showed a fake windows update and when its reached to 60-70% i understand that this is not good and i swichted off my system. after this, I switched on my pc and noticed that my 60-70% data is encrypted. I reinstalled the windows on my System Drive(C: drive). after this i tried many apps(programs) but can't decrypt my data. Now i found a decryptor from emsisoft and uploaded file pairs to the forum and got some of my data decrypted but most of my data is constantly remains encrypted. I don't have much file pairs to upload on forum. some of my pairs less then 150KBs and Some Pairs are larger in size and most files pairs is not available. Help me! *SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH*
  9. My Files Encrypted With (.access) file extention ransomware Family (stop djvu) on 29th July 2019. I stopped encryption when fake windows update reached 60-70% thats why my some data would'nt be encrypted but my most important data is encrypted now.. i made a mistake after encryption that i renistalled the windows on my system drive C: and formatted old system file (only Drive C:). So i don't have any old host file from previous windows. Please Help Me!! Contact me. 12345.jpg.access Topics For YouTube.txt.access Vram Tool-20170620T044019Z-001.zip.access luna_port_to_windows_7__aero__by_satukoro-d29jj6z.rar.access MP5 Sound.mp3.access Project 3.wav.access
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