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  1. Hi Arthur, I learned about .leto a lot, even I wrote to the company you advised. I was ready to pay, but I am a pensioer, so the fiam negotiate only for big firms. They told me to try to negotiate down the ransom, which is ridiculous. so, believe me I do not believe in anything, and try to find some utility using my family and travel photos. your help is welcome anytime. regards Maria
  2. Hi, I was infected .leto, and found my txt which ends with t1. So I understand that it is offline. I attach the file. Of course I am ready to pay for the encryption method. Yours, Maria
  3. In case I have a new win10 installed, the system would not behave as an off line case? Momentarily, my data holders incl. otside winchester, cannot be handled, since it was annected by USB. When I get back all my data, will send a file. May be it can be solved
  4. Hi, I have the same problem, most likely I have an online ID, since I got leto the same way as N. I have the same question, do I prepare to pay the criminals loosing my family, grandchildren’s photos for ever?