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  1. Thank god i already backed up my files, thank you for the assistance.
  2. I believe I got infected by a sketchy website I'm visiting, I used to enabled adblock all the time but nowadays I kind of turn it on and off I'm going to start using it again. I'll check out the antivirus, thanks for the advice.
  3. I'm 100% it's NOSU, i still remember it.
  4. Sadly i already do a fresh install, therefore the _readme file is gone. Anyway it's just the usual ransom text with the ID at the end.
  5. I decided to reinstall windows, any tips and advice to prevent this happening again on the future? Thank you.
  6. It seems my pc got an online id ransomware from STOP in the form of NOSU format, some of my files become that format. I don't find any soluttion for this, should i reinstalled?