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  1. Ty, I'll keep the files for while. It is only some movies, pictures and MP3 songs, nothing critical. This information could be useful someway. The infection happened two days ago, when I tried to install a software from a torrent. I've two partitions on my computer c:/ and d:/, the sofware was download on D:, but installed on c:/. Only the partition d:/ was affected by this.
  2. Is it possible to do something with the encrypted file and its original file to help? Like a reverse engineering?
  3. Hi guys, I was victim from this threat yesterday, looks like I've an offline ID, since all my files (.nosu) got a copy of a _readme text file with the default threat text. My Personal ID is: 0197nTsddtILma34zZGXbDA6Ml7mOe2NwGX3EIFGZmWHWSiyI What should I do? Can you guys help me? _readme.txt
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