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  1. I have uplodad again the log from Grindin For example for the photos, please look at the atteched file, you can see how almost all the pictures are damaged, same for several Microsoft Office files, and almost all videos. ScanLog_2020-01-20 [19-29-44].logScanLog_2020-01-20 [19-06-13].log
  2. Dear all, Almost the totallity of my files were decrypted with some corruption (mostly the ones with larger weight) Please find attached the link (via WeTransfer) where I uplodaded several files, encrypted and decrypted with issues. Thanks again for all the support. Please help! https://we.tl/t-Rb
  3. I was not able to select an specific folder to decrypt, but now I find it out how. An issue that I'm experiment is that some images are restored but with damage, same for some videos and some files. (attached an example) Any idea about it? Thanks again for the support
  4. Dear all. Many thanks for the help! I'm recovering my files now. Just one thing, the decryptor asks for a route to decrypt. I have my PC partitioned in "C" (operating system) and D (My Files). When I choose C or D or a specific folder, the decryption process chooses always C. Could you please help with this bug? Thanks again for all the support decryp log 2.txt
  5. Dear all. Thanks for your help it is too much appreciated. Please find attached 2 logs from GridinSoft Anti-Malware. Please also find attached 3 encrypted files (wav, pdf, jpg) About the decryptor for v1.0.0.2 , I have downloaded it, now it accept the encrypted files but when I try the decryption process it results in a fail with the following message : File: C:\langpacks\recup\Recoverit 2019-12-12 at 05.27.28\D(NTFS)\Dropbox\Dropbox\13 (1)_- Raul Constantino Compartido\Raúl Constantino Gardeazábal Assgs\Nueva carpeta\PO_4500494714 Ruhrpumpen.pdf.([email protected]) Error: StartIndex no puede ser inferior a cero. Nombre del parámetro: startIndex Please find attached also de Decryption log from Emsisoft, no file has been recovered yet. Please help. Thanks in advance. ScanLog_2020-01-20 [19-06-13].log ScanLog_2020-01-20 [19-29-44].log RCG - IFE.pdf.([email protected]) Sobrino-Memo.jpg.([email protected]) Track 2_003.wav.([email protected]) decryp log 1.txt
  6. Please help, What can be happening that I got that message, the extension of the files is .CH) Why the software says that the file type is not supported? Please help!!!!!
  7. Hi, I'm having an issue, I cannot decrypt the files through "decrypt_ChernoLocker", it says "file not supported" The infected file has been deleted with GridinSoft Anti-Malware Please help. Thanks in advance. from https://www.emsisoft.com/ransomware-decryption-tools/ We have identified "ChernoLocker". This ransomware is decryptable! Identified by: ransomnote_email: [email protected] Click here for more information about ChernoLocker. Case number: 2987a1b471b993938d85e38b2cefa859046b431a1579578919