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  1. Unforunatley , it was not able to, or perhaps i have selected the wrong one? Can you please share with me the download link for the correct decrypter ? Thanks.
  2. Oh, ok, thanks for the answer, quite relaxing. but my files are still un-reachable / cannot be opened. How can i open the files back to normal ? They still have the KODC ending. Thank you for the reply.
  3. Hi , I'm opening a new topic about my computer being infected- and would be glad if you may help me and instruct me how to proceed. My Personal ID is : 0198nTsddv06YHbhNNHIA4FoWgk8Exu5sTjk6CwEDVSQZ35t1 Attached are the 2 files from the scanner. Thanks alot ! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Thanks, I have 2 - stepped already , thanks that was my first thing. About my ID :0198nTsddv06YHbhNNHIA4FoWgk8Exu5sTjk6CwEDVSQZ35t1 Guess i can remain optimistic ? How about those files - should i attach them here ? what shall i do now? Thanks for the explanation by the way.
  5. Hello , I have same problem with KODC files that were encrypted , that happend earlier today. I'm not following what should i do - should i open a new topic here and attach my files from the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool ? I completed the scan and was generated with 2 files , should i attach them here? it seems that none of the STOP DJVU or others apps are at any help, I would be glad if you can maybe share instructions on how you can help me de-encrypt them ? Thanks
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