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  1. They are my backups. It is my expernal drive. So basically I need to start over again. Thanks for the support.
  2. Here's the message in the drop down files over there. @Amigo-A I am surprised you know Bulgarian so clearly, never knew people from my country in this forum.But here some airbrushes for Photoshop and other smaller things to demonstrate the problem. Added zip archive, small exe file from driver for my laptop and log file for a Virtual Airline software. I am not able to upload anything else, most of my data is EXE's and MP4's in that hard drive. And all of them are too big to upload here. _readme.txt 20_Architect_PS_Brushes_abr_vol_5.zip.topi tfdi_installer.log.topi BrightnessFix.exe.topi
  3. Today I got infected. I don't remember how, but I performed scan with malwarebytes. It cleaned up, also I removed every single program that the virus put in my pc. Now the only rest remain is that all my files in my external hard drive are encrypted with .topi extension. I trait your decryptor, but it wont help me. Is there any chance for me to get back my files? I am desperated, beause a lot fo them are .exe's. I am flight simulation player and all my software for it is encrypted. I do this for YT gaming. So, basically I need all of that to work in order for me to do my content. Please, tell me there's hope.
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