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  1. What am I supposed to do right now? Is there any other way u can help me decrypt the files? Can the present decrypter, decrypt the files with .hets extension?
  2. _readme.txt This is the ransom note. I was unable to send many files as i kept getting a message -200 and the upload failed. tuples.rtf.hets
  3. I am not able to find the encrypted and thee original file. What to do now? Please Help.
  4. What if i am not able to find the file pair (encrypted and original)?
  5. I did, but couldn't understand it exactly. Can you help me by giving me a Step-By-Step explanation to decrypt my files?
  6. Hi, My laptop has been attacked by the old DJVU ransomware (the extension: .hets). I tried using the decryptor tool, but it was not able to help as the virus in my laptop is of the old variant. Please HELP!!!!!
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