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  1. They sent me a flie which is decrpted by them. Do you think it can help to get offline keys? Here is the address that they unlocked one of my encrypted file as an example. https://we.tl/t-jmH3nwg7Iv
  2. Dear Emsisoft, Is there any update about topi decrypter, please we need information!
  3. Do you think this problem about .topi will be solved for offline ID soon? Is there any team who are working on this issue right now?
  4. This is my .topi ID and includes t1 Do you think it is offline and can be decrypted? Could you please show me what to do now? 0200a7d6a8sda7757TLxCRXnSjhJoq4TruFpvTlag0OKn6hPITYt1
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