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  1. @Kevin Zoll I think my files will never be recovered. No key for New Variant online ID: NdYT9sDIgX31MITXof1QCjZGPGnNqyC72XtF2QHD Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible
  2. @Kevin Zoll I'm really glad for your help Kevin, I've done what you've said and I think it still there. My files are still on KODC format. Then my pc won't open any technology related blogs or sites. I can't access it even using VPN. But tried to use other PC and able to access it. Maybe I need a fresh install of Windows in this case. I'm just going to wait for the working decryptor. Thanks again, attached is the generated log of FRST Fixlog.txt
  3. My system got infected with KODC ransomware. Pls help Addition.txt FRST.txt Ransomware Text.txt