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  1. Thanks GT and Kevin. I don't have an offline ID, not sure how to get them either. So I just have to run the decrypter every week or so? Thank you, I will do that. hope you guys add the private key soon.
  2. Hi GT, thank you. My variant is topi, not nelasod, if that's what you meant. Do advise.
  3. Hey there, my first post on here. Needs help urgently as my PC just got infected with topi. Got this message: Unable to decrypt Old Variant ID: VY7KfCqzxM89UnShbdxrV3mJmuCHbl99KE9VIhrW First 5 bytes: 524946468E If this can't be helped, what do I do? Wait for new tools to appear or just delete the files? Thank you.
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