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  1. @GT500 Sorry, no specific file name has been shown. Actually, as I said earlier, the program started given these error messages in middle of the decryption process. That's why we can say that error messages has been given under every file because of decryptor was trying to decrpte files one by one.. I mean, I can say that I saw this message under every file the program tried to decrypt. By the way, I'd like to reminder that after these errors I run program multiple times, and at the end decryptor worked perfectly and all files decrypted perfectly. Now, I got back all files as same as before.
  2. There was no connection lost as long as I observed, that's why I thought "maybe" there was a short-term connection lost that we couldn't seen (as a possibility). Please don't get me wrong, I just said the possibilities that came to my mind. I have no intention of getting involved in your business, you are the expert
  3. Hi @GT500, No, I did not. Actually, I didn't change or edit anything after .topi infected. What I did was just using anti-malware tools and antivirus tools, then using decryptor. Although there is no warning of the connection problem, maybe this issue has happened because of short-term lack of connection? (connection error from my side or from your side.)
  4. Alright then.. let's keep in touch if anything I can help you about that issue. @Demonslay335 @GT500
  5. @Demonslay335 Yes, I'm pretty sure. I did full system scan with multiple software(not simultaneously) and nothing seen so far. @GT500 said that "...perhaps someone was working on something when you tried the decrypter." I don't know, this might be the reason of the error(403). It's seems like server-side trouble, yes... I'm not sure, but is this possible? I mean, if you spend much more time on decrypter(process), this can cause an time-delay. So, there is occur a 403???
  6. Hello, I run the program multiple times, it gave the same error or [not responding] issue occured everytime I tried. So, I had to try another way: Instead of scanning entire drivers at single time, I started the software - by selecting folders one by one - each time after process finished. This way take much more time than usual, of course... but it was worth it. At the end, we can "officialy" say that the decryption of ID: 7757TLxCRXnSjhJoq4TruFpvTlag0OKn6hPITYt1 is completed perfectly!! Now all files are as same as before the infection. Thank you so much Emisoft I am so happy. Beside that, I also got my lesson.. back up your files! Have a good day dear friends.
  7. @Demonslay335 For everone who interested about this issue: At first, the process was going excellent, some files decryted perfectly!! Later then, in the middle of the process " Results" section startes to give an error message >> Error: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. What does this mean? @Kevin Zoll @GT500
  8. @Demonslay335 Wow.. Alright then. I'll give a shot again. According to result, I'll post here... Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi @Kevin Zoll, Thanks for your comprehensive answer. Also I just read that informative post written by @GT500 I'm sure you'll find how to fix this issue someday As far as I can see for now, unfortunately, I think I should clean my driver from [useless] exe.topi files and go on... Thank you again.
  10. I forgot to add this info; I've submit the pair of files on the website and it as a result it says: Invalid file pair; file encrypted by newer version of STOP Djvu
  11. Hi, Infected by .topi.. so after I remove the viruses I run the program and I got this message in log section: No key for New Variant offline ID: 7757TLxCRXnSjhJoq4TruFpvTlag0OKn6hPITYt1 Notice: this ID appears be an offline ID, decryption MAY be possible in the future. It's quite clear what it is written, but is there any hope? Should I wait for any upgrade? Source: https://howtofix.guide/topi-file-virus/#comment-2186
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