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  1. Hello Demonslay335, Thank you for your kind reply. The original .ts files whose encrypted copies were not decrypted by your STOPDecrypter application, came from the same source I don't know how there is such a difference in the first bytes. Best regards, enzi
  2. Hello Amigo-A, Thank you so much for your intervening. Following your advice, may I send you the links of my 2 others files. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ICDWFOjVv9wru5Yl_3rpBnE5S-iK27YZ/view?usp=drive_web https://drive.google.com/file/d/1788-cBxxkmcXHIqhgx-qw4m24WAoI_Q1/view?usp=drive_web Hope that you will find the secret code. Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, enzi
  3. Hello Demonslay335. Thank you ever so much for your kindness. Except the 3 .ts files, the others were well decrypted. Yes, I read the FAQ you mentioned. However the remaining 3 files not decrypted came from the same television broadcast series. Mystery ! Best regards, enzi
  4. Hello GT500Hello Demonslay335, As I said before. Please find below the links of my 2 .ts files . Thanks in advance for your kindness and time. Best regards, enzi https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_jVPLn7KpjjGKd1JRDYwk4tI1JyNPGTw/view?usp=drive_web https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S-K59mNtn3eHRRY4tGorWTbmU9GdkXvF/view?usp=drive_web
  5. Hello GT500 Hello Demonslay335, A big thank to both of you. Up to now, my .mkv files are perfectly decrypted.. It's very curious that decrypt_STOPDjvu decrypts some .mp4 but not all files ! I have a lot of .ts files. I will send you the links of one pair of them and ask you to help me more more time. Thanks ion advance for your precious help, Best regards, enzi
  6. Hi Demonslay335. You are great ! I do not know how to thank you ! Would you, please, mind telling me how to the include the key 1A45DFA301 into STOPDjvu ? Please excuse me, I am very ignorant ! I have also used STOPDjvu to decrypt my .ts files but without success ! Thanks in advance for your time and help. Best regards, enzi
  7. Hi Demonslay335, I have just finished uploading the original file. Please find below the links of my 2 files. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZvoQqM6fJceg6a6FCHup7VfoQRkuEsru/view?usp=drive_web https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dc9ruey-Wq_24-1fpOmJHobvr2x-uw0p/view?usp=drive_web My personal ID: 0aZtkyoY1nTxvQd50TNprSNj7jVZPwwCjh6KwJxo A lot of thanks in advance for your kindness, Best regards, enzi
  8. Hello Demonslay335, Thanks for your reply. I just realized that I got the wrong original file. Thousand excuses. I will try to send them to you again. The size of each file is 96 844 KB. Best regards, enzi Post-Scriptum : Upload attached files fails ! I think the best way to send my files is by Google Drive.
  9. Hello CT500, Hello Demonslay335, Thank you so much for having been kind enough to reply me. Yes, I did submit 2 identical files (same size) for example: - abcdef.ts - abcdef.ts.djvuq that means the second file (abcdef.ts.djvuq) is encrypted by the djvuq virus The size of each file size submitted is 96 844 KB. After processing by Emsisoft STOPDjvu application, there was no message displayed. Thanks in advance for your help. Bes regards
  10. Hello GF500, Thank you for your reply. I hope you are doing well. Following your valuable advice, I submitted 2 identical files with the extension .mkv, one normal and the other encrypted. But I don't know why I didn't get any results. The second time, I submitted a list of 2 files with the extension .ts and I got no results too ! Do you know why? May I send you 2 files with the extension .mkv? I would appreciate if you could help me. My deep thanks in advance for your kindness and time. Best regards, enzi https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dc9ruey-Wq_24-1fpOmJHobvr2x-uw0p/view?usp=drive_web https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X8zKkXUo-AbU_XOslnePQfUodfJkHdos/view?usp=drive_web
  11. Hello GT500, Thank you ever so much for your reply. May I send you 2 files, the original and the same encrypted. Each one has 11 863 Kb. The maximum of bytes allowed is 249.83 Mb But I do not know why I can not upload them. So I have to send you their links : https://drive.google.com/file/d/19qgALbdXURVjQR0OZmwTvuIXalPxzGdl/view?usp=drive_web https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tMXvQBK2U4ODMXqvt497LWC8HP0iNv3E/view?usp=drive_web I hope that you can download them. My deep thanks in advance for your kindness and time Best regards, enzi Post-Scriptum : Following your valuable advice I sumitted my 2 files to https://decrypter.emsisoft.com/submit/stopdjvu/ and I got response like this: Your file pair for ".doc" files was processed. Please note this will only allow the tool to decrypt files that match the following criteria: • Starts with the bytes: 7B5C727466 • Were encrypted with ID: 0aZtkyoY1nTxvQd50TNprSNj7jVZPwwCjh6KwJxo Would you, please, mind telling me what I can do with these ? Thanks.
  12. Hello everyone. May the New Year 2020 bring Good Health, Happiness, Joy and Prosperity to you and your family. I come to you to ask help. My hard disk has been corrupted by .djvuq virus. The app STOPDjvu.exe does decrypt my files but NOT all. As I wish to decrypt all remaining files so I would like inject into the app my personal ID given by the ransomer but I do not know how to get the password. If you could help me I would be grateful. My personal ID is : 0190aZtkyoY1nTxvQd50TNprSNj7jVZPwwCjh6KwJxo My deep thanks in advance for your kindness and time. Best regards, enzi Walking The Nile - Part 02 - South Sudan - YouTube.MKV.djvuq Cannelle-ecorce.docx.djvuq