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  1. Your Software is Working!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! How can i donate to you??! What can i buy from you in order to keep my PC safe?
  2. Hi @GT500, one question. I want to move al the infected files to an external drive so i can enable my PC again without any corrupted file, basically format it. When i move the files one windows pop up saying that the file might lose some properties when moving it, does it mean that I won't be able to decrypt it in the future? should i just keep all the files in the original location and just buy another hard drive? I hope I explained myself well enough. Greetings
  3. Thank you @Kevin Zoll. Is there any chance that you could get a key or it's obtainable only by paying to the criminals?
  4. Hello everyone, i just got infected by a ransomware (Alka & Repp) and all my files are infected. Sadly my Thesis is there and I don't have a up to date backup. I tried using the Decryption and i got this message: Starting... File: E:\Test\214-Texto del artículo-845-1-10-20150603.pdf.alka No key for New Variant offline ID: j4mSCzF3yhC0DJadRCZ4LxftIh8CY8isHUYeuYt1 Notice: this ID appears be an offline ID, decryption MAY be possible in the future File: E:\Test\339198347-Navidad-Negra-Cumbia-Jose-Barros.pdf.alka No key for New Variant offline ID: j4mSCzF3yhC0DJadRCZ4LxftIh
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