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  1. some are legal document formats (Word) txt are keys and mail users
  2. OK friend very grateful I go to the link and I'll make the stop How are you doing? and I will inform you
  3. ok friend but I don't understand how you can help me please
  4. VERY GOOD MORNING FRIENDS Many thanks for your response and all the information my files are personal things nothing from the other world the people who polluted they have never contacted me for the rescue there I attach a file (X) let's see if you can help me thank you very much 29595571_2070881122928038_5207987455578683684_n.jpg.mosk COMODATO.docx.mosk doc compra v enta.docx.mosk LISTA DE PRECIOS.xlsx.mosk OFERTAS DE LA SEMANA.JPG.mosk PODER ESPECIA.docx.mosk PRESENTACION.jpg.mosk Presupuesto mt1.xls.mosk Presupuesto mt2.xls.mosk WENDY TONA 29-05-19.pdf.mosk
  5. good morning friend I do not understand your answer if you could help me solve the encryption of my files with the .MOST I would appreciate it very much friend
  6. help please virus .MOST I'm looking for help Emsisoft Decryptor .MOST please help