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  1. @Kevin Zoll perfect and thanks for your effort in this case , I will keep those file and hope I can use in the future 🙌
  2. @Kevin Zoll more apprcaited your support and Help , just one last question : did you suggest to keep the files been encrypted in future case can back or you suggest to delete all those files . thanks again
  3. Hi @Kevin Zoll please find the attached thx Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  4. @Kevin Zoll thanks again I did all the steps mentioned , I will keep checking of the machine how is running and keep you update , I added in case the fixlog.txt note to your review . thx Fixlog.txt
  5. Hi @Kevin Zoll thanks your kind help in this case , please find the note attached . thanks in advance 🙌 Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  6. Hi @Kevin Zoll thanks for your kind replay . question : do you suggest to format my PC in this case , as all the files is no hope to return back ? and as I checked also was my PC little bit mess up ! because am afraid for the future case , to keep the gang controlled my system . thank you in advance
  7. Hello Every one since almost a 10 days my PC was infected and since that time I tried hard with may malware removal, the good thing all is they delete the virus as I see (might be not I don`t know ) and since that time still my old files is encrypted and I keep tried to return back but No hope , I don`t know what to do to return those files at less my business file and my kids pics :( I added some file if some one can help please _readme.txt Accounts list 2020.xlsx.topi
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