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  1. I downloaded it from the websites that distribute malware on avlab.pl. This has also happened to me before with malware that I downloaded from different websites. When malware copies itself to other folders, Emsisoft needs to automatically detect and quarantine it. Otherwise, the inside of the computer will be like a zoo of malware.
  2. Hello there, I downloaded malware on my computer. I opened the file by double clicking it. Emsisoft caught the trojan. I ran a malware scan in the AppData folder on my computer. And I caught the same trojan in AppData folder. How did the trojan caught by Emsisoft infect the AppData folder. Should I be worried about this? Or should I think it's okay as the trojan in this folder doesn't display any malicious behavior. I have used other antiviruses and they were catching and quarantining them even if the AppData folder was infected.
  3. İnternet güvenlik ürünleri (norton, comodo, zonealarm extreme scrty, vb.) Dns dolandırıcılığı önleme, arp dolandırıcılığı önleme gibi işlevlere sahip ve kullanıcıları mitm saldırılarına karşı korurlar. Umarım emsisoft böyle işlevlere sahip olur. By the way, I am sending the test result by avlab.pl in the attachment. AVLab-Test-of-software-for-online-banking-protection.pdf
  4. Hello Everybody. As far as I know, Emsisoft Anti Malware does not protect us against man-in-the-medium attacks. I wonder why. Why does Emsisoft not protect against such attacks and what should be done to protect it from Mitm? Is it enough to use VPN against Mitm attack? Or what else should be done?
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