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  1. I'm still on the hunt to decrypt the following id (OFFLINE): uvEETK84RPC0Q5icp67CP746LJaCJuwq2tG9Kjt1 Nothing new about this one?
  2. Seems that your ID is an online ID. Try running Emsisoft Djvu decrypter to see what ID gives you. If it's an online ID, it's impossible to decrypt
  3. The only thing that we (everyone infected with an offline ID) can do is wait. Your information is clear: You have been infected. The good news is that it's an Offline ID witch might me possible to decrypt some day in the future. This depends on the team getting that ID decrypted. That day (if it comes) it will be uploaded to their servers so the only thing you will need to do is to run the software again. It's recommended to run it once per week to see if your ID was decrypted. (Of course, I'm running it 2 times per day, xD) Patience is the key. Be sure to save your encrypted files for now.
  4. Nice, more chances to get it I guess. Just browsed your git, didn't get the idea about the stop_config.py file thought XD
  5. My Id is the same "No key for New Variant offline ID: uvEETK84RPC0Q5icp67CP746LJaCJuwq2tG9Kjt1" But I was infected with .bboo Didn't know that same ID was used for different extensions.
  6. Definitely this is the case. Just wanted to drop some info about it in case I can help someone. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. I have managed to recover some old good videos that were encrypted. Of course this method is not about Decrypting them. Using a popular software to repair videos (Search in google) this method worked for 30% of my video files. I guess it just cut the corrupted frames and compile it without it and returns the video. Hope this helps someone else.
  8. Hi everyone. I have been doing a lot of research. The only thing we need to do is to wait for Emsisoft to upload the new decryption keys to their servers. There is nothing we can do. Uploading your Offline ID will not speed up the process. Take note that there are multiple variants. They are doing the best they can. Maybe we can make a crowdfunding for this heroes working on a decryption. @João Luiz Sorry to tell you this, but if you have Online ID you are mostly rekt.
  9. I have been infected with the newer version. The exact extension is the one named above (*.bboo). Fortunately, my ID is a T1 (Offline encrypt) as I unplugged the internet connection when I realized what was happening. I want to know how can I contribute in the research of a decryption tool. Is there any donation option? I prefer paying to white hat than cyber criminals.
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