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  1. Hopefully the key is useful for many people. And may your kindness be repaid by God
  2. @Kevin Zoll I have try again to decrypt my file. But it can't work 😭 Please help me master.... 😭😭 File: C:\Users\Maher\Desktop\VIRUZ\fd\Stok.rar.alka No key for New Variant online ID: tRr8gjzlOSPk7nVoR9GmqfLp50mLFbgtmrLE1I3R Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible
  3. @Kevin Zoll, My data is corrupted by alka ransomware.. I have tried several times using STOP djvu decryptor. Bu, It can't decrypt my file.. I really hope you can help me get my files back. Best regards ElangDigital
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