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  1. Hi Kevin Zoll, thank you for your brief answers. I will often browse this emsisoft site to see if updates of the variant ooss exist to be able to retrieve my files. thanks a lot.
  2. Help me please, all of my files are infected by ransomware . So anyone can help me, please? My personal ID: 0208a7d6uvEETK84RPC0Q5icp67CP746LJaCJuwq2tG9Kjt1 AND I notice that this line repeats itself at the last line in all infected files when I view it on notepad. uvEETK84RPC0Q5icp67CP746LJaCJuwq2tG9Kjt1{36A698B9-D67C-4E07-BE82-0EC5B14B4DF5} I hope this will help better understand . thanks. pass.txt.ooss
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