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  1. Till now i haven't found any solution instead of paying the money to ransomware gang. Although i have my fills so i will wait for the decryption tool as thees files are important but i'm not going to pay single bit coin. Also i want to pay special Thank's to Emsisoft Support Team for there valuable support.
  2. my all data has been encrypted by .kodc kindly help me i want to recover only pdf files please help me _readme.txt ACFrOgAzLO3xTB874R0I-jiBT_oWvQyEFg6d6fzvrVXZhefWsoxFYvP2Skaw7uM8E_ZxS249YQ-J1fzCVzbx7bQAS1zXZVxL8p4NSM4vkcdkFQtnKcyVHWgiX-0XvV8=.pdf.kodc FIN-TAB-CRTMBSL-27-2019-T2-51338904.pdf.kodc FIN-TAB-SECRHQTM192048-51992754 NAGPUR BEAM.pdf.kodc FIN-TAB-TM20196016-51445329.pdf.kodc OFFER-VISHAL-113345-CRTMBSL-27-2019-T2-51338904.pdf.kodc OUTPUTPDF.pdf.kodc TECH-TAB-CRTMBSL-27-2019-T2-51338904.pdf.kodc TECH-TAB-SECRHQTM192048-51992754.pdf.kodc viewNitPdf_2834171.pdf.k
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