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  1. Tyvm @GT500. I'll dedicate a little of my time to create a guide later, but maybe you should update a2cmd.exe to become more self explanatory later. It would be certainly helpful.
  2. Hello @GT500. First of all, ty for your help. Edit: i fixed the command This way it will create a log file named Scheduled_log in the Logs folder. And it will quarantine in the quarantine folder. I added the /a /am /n and /dda comands. So it would scan compressed files, mail archives, NTFS Alternate Data Streams direct disk access. But i'm not sure about the /n and /dda purposes. What would be the benefits of add "Scan in NTFS Alternate Data Streams" and "Use direct disk access" comands? And how works?
  3. I'm trying to schedule EMSISOFT to run automatically through a2cmd.exe. I created two *.bat files 1) Update order bat: --> working fine 2) Quick scan including malware and pup scan; log in the "log folder", and quaratine if necessary for the quaratine folder But i'm not sure it it is correct. Can you help me, or suggest any modifications? ... I'm using this 2 bat files to schedule the scan with windows task scheduler, by adding those 2 bat files in sequence. So i imagine a2cmd.exe will always --> open --> update --> close --> open --> run scan (quick, malware, pup)--> log --> quaratine if necessary