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  1. Thank you for your reply! Can you advance if it will be a matter of time until the key will be added to your database, or is there a chance the key won't be added? Sorry to insist, but I'm really aprehensive about all my work... Thank you
  2. Hello, my name is Nuno, I'm from Portugal and I reeeealy need you help, please!!!!! My laptop has been infected with this .nppp virus and all of my files from work from the past 4 years have been encrypted. I've managed to clean the virus infections from the laptop with Malwarebytes (100% sure it's clean) but, when I run your program, it says that it doesn't posess the offline key, so it MAY decrypt my files in the future. My PersonalID is: yUigCPpx6KxQZCQZfT8NsgOwnGDHwiQkVLy9UTt1 Can you please help me somehow? I'm getting desperate with all the locked files from work! Thank you