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  1. Hello! I downloaded EEK v. and checked files with a2cmd.exe (a2cmd.exe /f=C:\forlderscan /s). The documentation says that this service runs ("/s" -> runs the file a2service.exe). But none of that now is not happening. File is missing. Why? Regards, ivan
  2. still do not work. I think that is unstable. If you need any logs, write, what to do
  3. Option "/f" did not help, problem persists. Link for screenshot: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4t6j0f I use: Win XP SP2/SP3 and Emsisoft Commandline Scanner (http://download1.emsisoft.com/a2cmd.zip)
  4. >> Hi Ivan, welcome to the forum thx =) i tested it on several OS x86 XP SP2/SP3, and does not work anywhere. However, if you write: //Here we have removed "/s" a2cmd.exe /u a2cmd.exe C:\test /s then everything is OK
  5. Now notice that the bug is visible when doing so: // Service a2service already included. First, update the database a2cmd.exe /s /u // and then check a2cmd.exe C:\test /s
  6. Hello! After today's update (2011.02.11), service a2service.exe (from it) was not work, in particular, a2cmd.exe can not verify the folder with the following parameters: a2cmd.exe C:\test /s program hangs and does not show anything. What's the problem?
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