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  1. Hi Amigo-A Sorry i forgot that info, the email address to contact is: [email protected] in the note and in the files appear that email address.
  2. Hi: This is the decrypter: https://www.sendspace.com/file/p60rk8
  3. Yes the file sent is a MDF that the decrypter dont decrypt with the key the sent. Aldo i hace that file decrypted as they sent it ti me as a proof.
  4. I'm trying to upload the file wich compresses is 3Mb but website gives me an error -200
  5. Hi: Yes all the files are in the same computer and same disk (also in the same partition). When i use the decrypted says something like n files encrypted 0 decrypted 0 error but some files just skip it. Filenames have only once the "encryption" suffix. I'm going to upload an encrypted file (that i'm not able to decrypt with my key), also if needed i could provide (by private message) the decrypter and the key.
  6. Hi: Last week i got infected with ROGER ransomware. After paying i got a decryption tool and a key wich decrypts some files but not all. I still have files to recover. I suppose that for a single ID there are multiple decryption keys and not all keys decrypt everything. With the decryption key i got i have som Excel files that are decrypted and others not. .mdf and .ldf files are not decrypted (SQL Server databases). Does this mean that are multiple decryption keys and not all keys can decrypt all files or the decryption tool that they sent me has "built in logic" to prevent decrypt this kind of files. They want to make me pay more to decrypt all files. I searched a lot and seems that is a DHARMA variation and there are not decryption software right now (reason why i paid...). Is there anything else i could try? I have a copy of the original disk, the original i didn't touched and i extract files from the clon disk (which is cleaned from ransomware). I extracted files from this clean disk, and copied to a virtual machine where i executed the decrypter with the key.