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  1. one more of the computers I do administrate had this error last week. i noticed parallel two error messages in windows event protocol: Die maximal zulässige Dateigröße für die Sitzung "ReadyBoot" wurde erreicht. Daher können Ereignisse für die Datei "C:\Windows\Prefetch\ReadyBoot\ReadyBoot.etl" verloren gehen (nicht protokolliert werden). Die maximale Dateigröße ist derzeit auf 20971520 Bytes festgelegt. a second one: Die Sitzung "ReadyBoot" wurde aufgrund des folgenden Fehlers beendet: 0xC0000188. ErrorCode 3221225864 After google for that, i deleted the content of c:\windows\Prefetch, the focus was the file ReadyBoot.etl After that and rebooting, the high cpu usage error was gone and not come back. Best regards, Lars
  2. no any more error behaviour here. Thank you for help. Best regards
  3. Out of date is possible. I had installed openvpn in autumn 2019, pity i can't say which version, perhaps an older one. After reinstalling i installed V2.4.8 from OKT,31 2019 and GUI V11.14.0.0. https://fossies.org/windows/misc/openvpn-install-2.4.8-I601-Win7.exe/
  4. i tried out today deinstalling open vpn/rebooting system, then setting emsisoft updates to stable, updating emsisoft and rebooting again. After that the error seems to be gone. Then i installed openvpn new./ rebooting system. After all the error is not here anymore at the moment.
  5. Yes, it's only a2start.exe. a2service.exe works well
  6. Hello, i have the same problem here: High CPU usage (about 25% periodically) by a2start.exe using the stable updates. Using delayed updates helps atm. some infos: Windows 7 pro SP1 last Updates no windows firewall active for testing comodo firewall for testing completely open/ no log entries of blocked attempts pihole filtering for testing completely open Openvpngui installed, no vpn active while testing host file in \etc\hosts for testing completely open Best regards, Lars
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