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  1. Yeah, these online keys really suck... I do hope they manage to arrest the criminals, those files meant a lot to my friend... Anyway, thanks for the info. I've saved their files and filed a report as well.
  2. Hello. I've created a topic last week about a friend who had their files encrypted by a ransomware. Later, I found out that the files were encrypted using an online key and decryption is impossible. Now, they want me to format their PC so they can at least have a clean system to start over, but they also want me to save the encrypted files. Is it ok for me to save them? I'll copy them to an external HDD and move them back to their PC when I'm done. I've ran Malwarebytes a couple times and the system seems clean. Thanks for the help!
  3. I had them try the decrypter and, sadly, the files were encrypted using an online key... As the program itself stated, decryption is now impossible, so they decided to keep the encrypted files hoping that someday they'll be able to recover them... This was my first interaction with an actual ransomware and it's incredibly cruel. They lost some very important pictures like wedding photos, some birthday photos, etc. Anyway, thanks so much for your help and I hope you guys continue to help those who need. Thank you! PS: They can't afford to pay the... "person"... that did this, they're charging around $900 that, when converted to our currency, becomes more than what a middle - low class family earns in a whole month.
  4. Yes! That's the one! I looked at the decypter page and I couldn't find the mbed extention. So they've lost all their files?
  5. I'm so sorry! I can give more info, but I don't know what you're looking for... Some pictures and .dat files have received the .mbed extension. There was a _readme text file with instructions, a email address and the personal code I posted here. I guess that's it. If there's any other info you need, let me know! Meanwhile, I'll have them try your decrypter. Fingers crossed!
  6. Hey guys, can you please lend me a hand? A friend got their files encrypted and they really need them back. Their personal ID is: 0184Asd374y5QJcl9AKinJpoFZAvJtOVIpBtJlF4pvNKSFQ61mZn Thanks in advance!
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