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  1. Thank you one and all for your responses. Jeremy - I have that Firefox https function turned off, however, when I type in the IP address it adds the https every time. I have spoken to BT and to Nord, they are as mystified as me. I looked at fritzbox but can't see how that can help. I do not see a padlock next to the address bar, just an exclamation mark, which, when clicked, shows a red text message saying "Connection not secure". I also looked at the windows method of connecting but it seems to have a few potential security issues, it's a bit beyond my understanding to know if those risks are serious. I think that as I can connect to the router via WIFI, I'll just settle for that. A bit inconvenient, but not earth shatteringly so.
  2. Well, I solved it, but not in a good way. The only way I can get it to work is by shutting Emsisoft down completely (before I was just pausing it), and then activating NordVPN! Then I can connect to the hub.....but If I shut Nord down, the connection to the hub is lost. If I keep Nord connected then launch Emsisoft, the connection to the hub is lost. So it seems that Emsisoft doesn't like Nord or vice versa.
  3. Tried latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Edge. No joy. Can access via wifi on any device. BT are mystified too.
  4. The main question here is does Emissoft block access to the router?
  5. That url goes to an https warning page saying bt doesn't use https. Which is odd as your url is not https. I tried changing it to http but it just goes to the https unavailable page again. I normally use 254 but changed it to 40 to see if it helped, it didn't so I changed it back to 254.
  6. I cannot accesss my BT router management page from my PC, but I can from WIFI. Does Emsisoft block access? Windows 10 Pro 64bit v 1909 Firefox 83.0 I changed the IP address using the WIFI but still no access from my PC. I have NordVPN installed but it is not connected.
  7. Hi stapp I have resolved the issue by booting in Safe Mode and uninstalling with EmsiClean, then reinstalled. But for the record: Windows 10 Pro, 64bit version 1809. Updates were installed a few days ago, I think that might have been the cause, not sure though. No other security software other than what Windows uses (been that way since I first subscribed to Emsisoft, never had an issue). EAM was running normally, until today when it disappeared from the tray, and the uninstaller disappeared from the Start menu, and when I tried to launch EAM, it I got an errror message (attached). The windows Control Panel method of uninstalling did not work either, I got another error message (attached). emsisoft 1.pdf emsisoft 2.pdf
  8. I have the same issue as Nikilet, but I cannot run Emsisoft at all, it disappeared from the tray and when I dowloaded the installer to try a fresh copy, that will not run at all.
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