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  1. Ooops - File this under user error. I never scrolled the window far enough to see the "Delete" button. 🙁 I feel stupid. But thanks for correcting me.
  2. System: Windows 10 Home There are 2 items in quarantine. These items should not have been quarantined; they were software that I installed and that I know are safe. So I had reinstalled this software and added them to the exclusion list so that Emsisoft will not continue to quarantine them. However, every time Emsisoft updates, its continues to ask the same question about whether I want to restore the items in quarantine. All I really want to do is delete the 2 items from the quarantine folder. I tried logging in as Administrator to delete these items but I did not have sufficient priviledge. How to delete the items in quarantine to stop Emsisoft from asking the same question over and over?
  3. Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home Windows 10 Home build 1909 While installing new software, Emsisoft continually pops up saying that in XX number of seconds it will quarantine the object from the install. For the software I installed today, Emsisoft popped up 15 times. BUT I know what I am doing, the software is not malware and I want Emsisoft to totally ignore what I am doing. How can I adjust Emsisoft behavior to ignore software I install?