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  1. 德沃斯OPP 。新文字文件(2).reg.id [B89DA01C-2692]。[[email protected]]。德沃斯LOGO180x180.PNG.id [B89DA01C-2692]。[[email protected]]。德沃斯info.htaOPP計劃-B20181116.pdf.id [B89DA01C-2692]。[[email protected]]。德沃斯 info.txt
  2. 新文字文件(2).reg.id [B89DA01C-2692]。[[email protected]]。德沃斯LOGO180x180.PNG.id [B89DA01C-2692]。[[email protected]]。德沃斯OPP計劃-B20181116.pdf.id [B89DA01C-2692]。[[email protected]]。德沃斯 20160318公交會性別平等.docx.id[B89DA01C-2692].[[email protected]].Devos
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  4. Computer files are encrypted .Devos Ransomware Is there a solution now?
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