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  1. I already messaged Mr. Demonslay335 yet he still didn't reply for a couple of hours now... I NEED THE HELP OF ANYONE THAT COULD HELP ME PLEASE... I really need your help because we are having a distance learning due to COVID-19 pandemic. All our files are affected. I have been researching and trying my best to know everything I need to do about Ransomware and it is the worst ever. I don't have back-up for my files which is super bad, but I managed to remove the malware such as and Trojans within one-fourths a day. To give information about my case: 1st, all of my files have a ".npsk " extension and from what I have searched, it is a new type and it's only out for a few hours; 2nd, I need an online key which shut me down into a state of panic because many of the websites I visited said it is "nearly impossible" to retrieve due to the only copy of the key is in the hands of the criminals; 3rd; "0215Asd4a7d6bzqVUEpvoyEnYTsmk5oRCGm8botx782u6mqmMhU5" this is my personal ID and the last two characters "U5" confirms that it really takes an online key to decipher all. We don't have money for anything that'll cost us. I'll send a sample of the file and the "_readme.txt" file to give you the information you need. I am begging for your help and may God help us all. Thank you very much for reading and helping! Edit: I can't send to you the 2 files (the original and the encrypted) because of some error so if you could give me an "upload link", I could give you the files. We really need your help and we are desperate. Thank you very much for reading and helping! read_me.txt We will decrypt these.txt
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