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  1. I'm new to EMSISoft. I understand its a cloud based Antivirus, which literary can not run without an Internet Connection. Quote: "Because the product is designed to be used online. Its Behavior Blocker is dependent on a cloud network for optimal protection" So, emsisoft monitors every process which runs on my PC [as every antivirus do] - but emsisoft uploads every process details to cloud to verify. I would like to know, if emsisoft Stores any of this Data. - Do you store the Process Names, Details or any other similar data ? [even for any internal use] - I'm aware emsisoft or any antivirus has the power to see all my browsing history. - Do emsisoft collects/stores my browsing history in their cloud ? [even for any internal use] - Do emsisoft collects/stores my IP address ? - or Is there anyway, I can know what all data emsisoft uploads and stores ?
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