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  1. You can't actually get the files back because they don't have the decryptor for online ID's such as mine. I also got infected by the same virus.If it's possible to catch the hacker in future, they can recover the keys for specific ID's
  2. Alright then I be more careful next time and I think I dont have any way without waiting
  3. Thanks a lot, I'm re-installing windows asap
  4. Should I wait for the decryptor to release?
  5. I removed the virus using spy hunter 5.Thank you. But is there any way i can get my files back?
  6. I did the Emsisoft Emergency kit scan again but it gives the same messege again
  7. Here it is Fixlog_25-03-2020 17.01.31.txt
  8. I did the FRST scan.It gave 2 .txt files Addition_24-03-2020 16.57.25.txt FRST_24-03-2020 16.57.25.txt
  9. Hello, My pc is infected by malware.All of my files have been encrypted by .npsk I'm looking forward for a decryptor and a malware removal software.I downloaded the software from emsisoft but it says it cant delete the virus because it might crash the operating system. I uploaded everything you need to know about my problem _readme.txt SALARY STATEMENT.docx.npsk