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  1. Hi, after following the procedure you describe, the problem no longer occurs: the folder can be deleted after closing the program. But, if not following the procedure (if one simply downloads the latest version of EEK from the site, runs it and let it update, and then closes the program) the problem still occurs. I hope that a new version of EEK, where the fix from the Beta feed is already implemented, can be released soon! Thank you for your quick response. As always, Emsisoft support is great!👍
  2. Thank you for your quick response! Yes, that works, and that's what I used to do before Emsisoft fixed the problem in the previous version of EEK. But since the problem reappeared in this new version of EEK, i thought about reporting it. Good to know that the team is already aware, and I hope that it can be fixed once again!
  3. Hello, I would like to report that again it's not possible to delete the folder created by Emsisoft Emergency Kit ("epp.sys" cannot be deleted). This has been fixed by Emsisoft in a previous version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit, but now the problem is back. It's now happening with the latest version of the program (Version 2020.3.2.10048 — Released: 03/17/2020). Tested on a virtual machine running a clean and updated installation of Windows 10 Pro 64-bits (version 1909). Maybe it's possible to fix it again? Thanks!
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