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  1. @GT500 perhaps turning on debug logging and getting logs + crash dumps would help fix this
  2. There should be an option to export the dump or logs and just send manually to Support...
  3. Hmm so this is why I am no longer getting sig update alerts I thought that changelog entry was a fix to the double entry in local device log for signature updates...
  4. Nikilet right-click the link and choose Save link as.
  5. Hello Arthur, I was just trying to help out the OP since he said he is being restricted during uninstall after his trial expired. So his did not revert to freeware mode and during uninstall he does not seem to be asked for his admin pass. That should be looked into by QA.
  6. How does web protection and browser security work? Do they store the db locally or on the cloud? Hopefully it is on the cloud and lookups are made during access. Perhaps emsisoft can just import that list to their cloud db?
  7. This is another bug that QA should look into. When trial expires, the admin pass is still engaged but it is not asking the user for the pass when he wants to uninstall.
  8. a2start is the UI? a2guard is the rtp? Can you check if eam will still block eicar when only a2service is running? Perhaps the BB is blocking frst and no prompt is being shown because a2start isnt running? Check the eam logs if frst is being blocked.
  9. Thanks so much Arthur for the assurance. Much appreciated!
  10. But seriously though 2 years since it has been updated. The Chrome one was almost 1 year since last update. The addons feel more like snakeoil to me to be honest. Most threats are blocked by Safebrowsing or Smartscreen anyway. I bet sooner or later these addons will be discontinued.
  11. My 2c Jeremy is an active member. Yes I know he reports every tidbit but I bet he meant good. I appreciate him. I'd rather we have many Jeremy than a forum dead. If the latter is true then this forum will be closed or discontinued I bet. About you, is that an alter account or are you a stalker (reader) rather than a helper participating in the forums? Im surprised you actually posted just to attack another member. Says much about you.
  12. Shouldnt AMSI or iOfficeAntivirus cover this? Or EAM doesnt support scanning inside winace archive? Maybe an outlook addin will do the trick? An auto-learn spam filter. Mark subject/title with infected when attachment is malware. Add signature 'Scanned by Emsisoft' for outgoing (I really like this one).
  13. Are you using Magicspam filter? For me, I receive the OTP within 5 minutes. Just need to refresh the inbox.
  14. I think the BB does monitor attempts to intercept keylogs? By hooks? I dont know about screenshot or clipboard. But before they could do these, they need to run or hijack a process so hopefully they dont get pass the scanner and BB? Does Windows have option to only allow certain apps access to keyboard, screen or clipboard?
  15. Arthur, to prevent this from happening again, the installer should check what processor the device has. The installer should have not ran at all or should have shown an incompatibility warning in this case.
  16. Thank you for this Frank! Those using No Access permission policy in ECC will now also get a dialog for password when they try to uninstall EAM?
  17. Give the team some slack. What @Elise could do for this is to not add detection for the whole folder and only detect the known malicious files dropped by the PUP inside it C:\Progr~\Browser\badplugin.dll C:\Progr~\Browser\badplugin.exe Actually pls dont put your portable or custom installs inside the Progr~ directory as security software monitor that very carefully along with other important Windows directory. One way security software validate a program is legit by making sure it is installed on the default install path. I bet any zero-day protection would flag your 'browser' inside that custom install path... Thats the limitation of signature black or white patterns in general. You create them for known or possibly malicious stuff based on previously analysed samples then tweak them as needed. I wouldnt call that snake oil. Everyone does it. You expect EAM to know it like you do which just aint reasonable. Anyway, hope everyone is well and safe during this time.
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