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  1. One (hopefully helpful) piece of information is that this tool didn't take long to encrypt plethora of files in one data holding partition on my hard drive. No matter if the files were large or small, it successfully encrypted all of them. It kept only one CPU core busy on my machine. Perhaps this can help identify the cipher or method used for encryption This also suggests that a relatively small length key pair was used to do encryption. Meaning around or under 2K bit key. I wonder if this info helps. The speed with which files were encrypted suggests use of a simpler method. Just that finding or guessing or brute forcing RSA key pair is the pickle.
  2. Is there a way we can run through an algorithm to search for decryption key? If anyone else can't help us, maybe we could help ourselves? Is that possible or does a tool exist for that?
  3. Hello, I have the same issue; File: D:\Downloads.rar.opqz No key for New Variant online ID: r25obRZiIaEBLDVSM1zNIdlDpYXPcTcgCylBfJ0R Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible How long usually does it take for these guys to be held accountable by law enforcement? Email: [email protected] whatsapp: +92-333-4616540 skype: mistehbab
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