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  1. Hello developers, and friends from the community! I would like to pass on some information (if I may say so) about the traces of the Ransomware that attacked and encrypted my files. After I received the attack and corrupted my notebook, I was unable to turn it on (blue screen). I reinstalled the Windows image on top of the old version of the operating system, and I was looking for traces of the programs that attacked me and trying to figure out how it happened, possibly. Reinstalling the Windows image on top of the old one, the system creates a folder called windows old, and in it I w
  2. @Amigo-A Does this mean that anyone who has an online ID will never be able to decrypt files using the tool? For example: My online ID is: 0216OIWojlj48UVvW1QTjLqu8eU6nQI8E7FDpYR9bDYSJvRTyFtni Is it impossible to decrypt my files someday? Will my ID be online forever?
  3. Hello gentlemen of the community, how are you ?! Yesterday, around 3 pm, my notebook ended up being infected by ransomware. I was not present at the time I was infected, so I was unable to do anything in time. My files are in OPQZ format (.opqz) and it seems that there are no known solutions to decrypt them at the moment. Is there anything we can do to help the community to decrypt these files? The demand for computers infected by the file (.opqz) is growing. Waiting for return ... In advance, thank you very much! ATTENTION! Don't worry, you can return all your
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