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  1. Unfortunately, I had to send BTC to the hackers wallet. Alka ransomeware hacker wallet addresses : 15FC7nBqvg6LpdoDMg8mDne3EnkZj6YNyL 12kG3fgGF8Gc8QoxK81dv5utXQsrtN8djA 13LC7bmi5qL6Utt4r2Qoi9NQindNyYQwxn I have new key. How can I send you the new private key? I don't want anybody to send money to this hacker.
  2. Hello Masters. Unfortunately I got infected by alka ransomware. I have tried stop-djvu but it has problem File: C:\Users\Ali\Desktop\picture.JPG.alka No key for New Variant online ID: DIFj95c5Exr7CAfSiTAAatCwKjEMiqgEaoMCD23B Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible please Help me Thanks in advance