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  1. No idea if the files will be 100% intact. I assume they would be, otherwise they're useless, at least .exe files would be. I did a clean install of Win10 and got the free version of Malwarebytes antivirus, it automatically installs a premium trial so you can torrent the crap you had on your computer before with less risk this time. Can't risk any keyloggers or whatnot getting into mailbox and spamming important email contacts. That's the price we pay for being pirates.
  2. ASecretAnonymousPerson, you might be in luck IF you deleted your important files recently, because .mado didn't get them and you may be able to recover the deleted files EaseUs data recovery. I got some of my stuff back like that. I don't know it applies to moved files as well. Anywhose, it'll probably be unlocked in a month's time. Some poor b*****d has to pay the ransom and leak the key. The lesson here is to back up the important stuff and don't keep it plugged in. Mado targeted D drive since that's where the important stuff is usually.
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