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  1. If you copy it from one computer and paste it in another, can you decrypt the copy pasted version on the other computer.
  2. If you backup the files and decrypt it on another computer will it still decrypt, or does it have to be on the same computer? So all I can do now is wait?
  3. How does emsisoft recover the key? Is there any way we can help?
  4. Is my key offline if my personal if ends in t1? Also, the one in my SystemID PersonalID is also ending in t1, but is it right if there's only one there?
  5. Will there be any way in the future that we can decrypt files with online keys?
  6. Will there ever be any way to decrypt files with an online key?
  7. Thanks. Will reinstalling Windows 10 do the trick, and if so will need to back up my files to a hard drive? Also, how long do you think it will take before they get the key, and if they do, will the key work for all .mado encrypted files, or just for one type?
  8. Thanks captjones for the advise, but luckily I was able to keep a little more than half of my files, so I still have other stuff. On a side notice, does decrypting the files return it to its original state, or will you have to convert texts back to txt or smth like that? Thanks btw. Also, can these type of viruses permanently damage your computer and cause boot up issues?
  9. I have also experienced a similar problem. It's happens just a day ago on the 4th of April 2020. I was downloading a supposed update and after it was done, my computer started opening random Google tabs and kept releasing text boxes. I thought it was weird and thought nothing of it. Then, as I was about to start to do some work, I realized that all my files, such as photos, notepads and others had been encrypted and I could not open it. Upon attempting to open it, the system asked me what program I would like to use to open it. All my files ended in a .mado and so I panicked a
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