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  1. Thank you for your fast answer. I won't delete my photos. I will wait for solution in future. I know that my chances are close to zero but... Greetings from Bulgaria.
  2. Thank you GT500. I will try to find more photos, but I am not sure i will succeed. Those it mean, that if i won't find any copyes, I won't be able to decrypt my photos? Also, what is the case with the video files. Is it easier with them?
  3. Thank you, but I have uploaded photos from all three cameras that I used for the encrypted photos. Also, I have noticed that some of the photos which have been decrypted successfully dosen't have anything in common with the original photos, that I have uploaded before the decryption process. For example, the photos are from different periods and some of the photos I have been uploaded are not from the period of the successfully decrypted photos. Sorry for my bad English. I have read most of the topics and just trying to understand how the ransomware works and give Emsisoft team a different case so I can help to myself and other victims, because I have lost all of my photos because of my stupidity. Greetings.
  4. Hello team Emsisoft. I am from Bulgaria. Since June 2019, my files are encrypted with .redmat. I was waiting for solutions. Yesterday I have downloaded Emsisoft StopDJVU decryptor. Some of my photos were decrypted successfully and some of them not (1-2% decrypted). After that, i have uploaded on your site some encrypted photos and their originals, which I found on my other devices. Can you tell me why the decryption works only for this small percentage of photos and what I have to do? I can send you my ID but I prefer to be in private message. Also, the Emsisoft decryptor says: "Unable to decrypt Old Variant ID". Thank you for your support.
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