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  1. I habe several encrypted document and files and their original (non encrypted) counterpart.. Could this serve to make a decryption key?
  2. I see.. hopeless now I`ll scan the disk with the kit thank you
  3. Hi, I´ve got infected and now have all my files encrypted with .jope extensions. I ve restored the system (windows 7 32bits) to a previous point and nothing else, system is working fine now. I know malware files are still here. And I have the infected executable I (as a fool) used to infect my self. Emisoft decryptor tell me this No key for New Variant online ID: yjDEQLAHuJgHylGeqJcrXlr5xNoveo6F7ZSX8Xre Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible So, what can I Do? I need some .docx I was working on.. trying to recover (old) deleted versions may help? should i run a malware cleaner or defender to clean the infected files that sil should be there? thanks ..