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  1. Hi, I was going to show you a screenshot of the readme.txt file, however after trying to search for it on my cousin's laptop, it does not seem to be there so i cannot get the personal ID. Another strange thing is, my cousin says that some files are .mado but most are .copa extensions. Have you come across a situation like this before? Thanks, Simran
  2. Hi, My cousin's files got encrypted after he downloaded a software and the file extensions have all changed to .copa Does the emsisoft decryptor have a key for this ransomware? do you need to see the ID? Thanks, Simran
  3. My cousin says the decryptor is running now so i think the error stopped
  4. Im trying to decrypt. . Mado files and i get this error, please help.
  5. How can i check if one of these keys would decrypt my relative's files? Thank you
  6. Hi, have any new private keys been added? Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your response. We will run the decrypter every week and hopefully the private key will be added soon. I told him to download the latest .Net framework and that seemed to fix the decrypter freezing.
  8. Hi, A relative of mine got the MADO ransomware, he is using a winows 7 machine and every time we try run emsisoft, it freezes after some time saying not responding. The ransom note is attached as a picture. Kindly help me know if its the newer version which cant be decrypted because its an online key? Or should it be working?
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