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  1. Thank you very very much for this in time reply although the result is as our expected. I'm sure the justice will eventually defeat evil and this nusty creeper who made this ransomware will pay for his rabid evildoings eventually. Thank you for the efforts on making the world better~
  2. Hello Antiviral Masters, I'm a postgraduate resercher in SUSTech university, China. One of my colleagues' computer was hecked by a kind of virus with .dewar suffix name that changed all the names of files and made them inaccessible. We are doing biomedical research and those data including his graduate thesis are very important for his graduation and career life. The infection may happen from the local area network he built for sending data that links to one equipment computer. The hacker asks for 1.6 bitcoins which is totally unaffordable for us... We have found many tools on your website but it seems like none of them is designed for this one. Can those research data and documents be recovered? I have attached some related pics that has some detailed info. I'm looking forward to your reply and thank you very much. Best Wishes Mike
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