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  1. YEEEEEAHHHHH YESS! Emsisoft has obtained and uploaded to their server OFFLINE KEYS for the following new STOP (Djvu) variants....gero, .hese, .seto, .peta, .moka, .meds, .kvag, .domn, .karl, .nesa, .noos, .kuub, .reco, .bora, .nols, .werd, .coot, .derp, .meka, .toec, .mosk, .lokf, .peet, .grod, .mbed, .kodg, .zobm, .msop, .hets, .righ, .mkos, .nbes, .reha, .topi, .repp, .alka, .nppp, .npsk, .opqz
  2. WHAT İS THİS? Does this work???? Now my friend's files encrypted with the .opqz extension can be recovered with Emsisoft Decryptor. Thank you cybercynic for the information. PendikAsyik, on 07 Apr 2020 - 2:51 PM, said:
  3. Is there anyone who gets the .opqz encryption key decoder from hackers by paying ransom? If you share your key with emsisoft officials, we can also solve our files. I want to know if there is someone who pays the ransom but does not share it. If you don't share these hackers, these thieves hurt more people and earn more money. If you hate them, you should share the encryption decoder code with emsisoft! Those with offline encryption are also released. No one there? We need help! THANK YOU!
  4. 0216OIWojlj48zmgd82h65FItjbl56ff6P5GS3sZpZ1qEEGUOW6t1 Sir, I know ı have an offline ID. I also know it's a new virus. When can it be resolved? I want a specific date about this.
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