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  1. sir while decrypting the the files its shows No key for New Variant online ID: p6F1ANzMKP3X3Yrfptjejiu2Iy0tbyMQmjlOeC6H Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible problem plzzzzzzzzzz help my ransom ware note is is attached personal id in ransomware note 0216OIWojlj48p6F1ANzMKP3X3Yrfptjejiu2Iy0tbyMQmjlOeC6H plzzzzzz help ☹️ _readme.txt
  2. sir my all file are encrypted by opqz file extension and i have tired emsisoft decryption tool but it shows no key variant plz help. personal id 0216OIWojlj48p6F1ANzMKP3X3Yrfptjejiu2Iy0tbyMQmjlOeC6H plzzzzz help ☹️☹️