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  1. I answered you in a personal message. There is a link to the archive with the files that I found on my computer.
  2. I can’t attach the archive file. I get the error "-200". The size of the archive is 2mb.
  3. Hello!. I found a virus in quarantine of Windows Defender. he is quite alive! At the moment I have: 1. The virus itself, in the archive with a password. 2. Files that he changed at the time of infection (from different directories with a similar creation time). 3. Two obscure executable files that are not recognized by the antivirus as dangerous but have meaningless names, small size and exe extension; 4. the directory on the desktop that the virus itself created, it contains several files for its operation, it also encrypted all the files. Can any of this help you?
  4. I have the same problem. all my files were encrypted and changed to .notfound. This happened a few days ago
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