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  1. Finally know how to get ransomware. ".mpaj" From This way.... hxxps:// Alert when Unzip with Avira, but no antivirus was installed before.......................
  2. My files like PLC program .gxw , PDF, .DWG, Solidworks files .sldprt .sldasm...... All of using on working, This feels so bad.
  3. I'm Nick, and I'm a victim of the ransom malware, my extension is the .mpaj online key. Is there any way to keep myself aware about forthcoming informations? If i have some pair files, over 150KB. Is it helpful to decrypt other files? Your personal ID: 0219OIWojlj4840DU7AOi05iEURaVIw6MPDWz5NcyqDa1fD68NjKh Thank you.