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  1. I ask couse I have 200gb of data, and I dont know should I keep it, that is the reason I ask all the time, is there any chance ever for solving the problem. I dont know for instance, how much time pasted after first ransome, until someone found solution
  2. I mean is that something that ever happened till now in other cases
  3. HBut is there some real posibbility for entering their servers in future, maybe in ten to 15years, is there someone who is working on that
  4. But do you think is there any chance, for 10years maybe from now, to keep my files, although there are with.npsk, that someone would think something out, is that a realistic thinking
  5. Is it posibble that some of the files does not have the online key encription, or if the online key is automatical for everything
  6. Has anyone have an opinion about posibbility to decript npsk files with online key in future, and how long should it be from now.
  7. nothing mate you can do now, you can only wait and save that data for future, especially if you had been ransomed with online key as I am. Maybe someone will solve it. I tried everything